Rome GB


In 2005, the persons, the actors of different places or collective groups in Paris and its district, met around certain values :

– The respect of every entity, of its organizational and identity choices. In brief, the acceptance of the oddity of each (squat, creation places, of production more artistic or more cultural, subsidized or not, informal, collective groups out the walls …)
– The free adhesion to the inter squat : Each preserve the entire mastery of his rhythm and of its objectives.
– The refusal of all dogma, of all domination. Denies it of all hierarchy.

That allowed :

– The mutualization of our experiences and knowledge (in the matter of right, of local or social political, of organization…) on the evolution of a place, since its opening until its closing.
– We to know one another, to be more performance and more united facing difficulties sometimes met
– To surround the problems, the needs, the objectives of each : our place in the city (and elsewhere !).
– To Think about the creation of a regional, then French network and look at a little towards our European friends to put in common the personal and collective objectives of actors more local, more national and more supranational.


In 2008, we realized two FOU (as CRAZY : Festival of the Useful Openings), in May and October. We equally met the squat 123 to Brussels. At last, a team went to visit a place to Rome, another to Barcelona. We will go soon to Berlin. We met and worked in common, still in the respect of our common and individual values.


The object of this text is to allow us to create an European festival of the places of life, squats and other associative groups, the 16-17-18 October 2009 to ROMA (Italia).
This is after our visit to Rome in last November that the idea was formed to organize a gathering, in partnership with our Italian friends.

The goal of this encounter is to consolidate an European network, that would have for objectives :

– To know and to understand the different social contexts and politics of our respective country.
– To favour the circulation of the persons, ideas and means.
– To allow a harmonization, a division and a mutualization tool to implement notably facing the climbed irreversible of National Liberalism, the production growing of collaterals « social economical damages », or the eradication of run ones on a cooperativeen basis citizens « troublemakers and disturbing ».
– To do emerge the political rising one cultural, social or of health, to allow the persons and to the collective ones to shout at the strengths in place for that the United States of Europe be not a white and inhuman prison.

Concretely, a work group constituted itself for the organization and the realization of this European encounter.

We wish previously to contact the maximum of places in France and in Europe :

– To Explain our operative method (Why an « inter-truc »)
– To Propose to the different collective one, networks or squats to participate in the organization and to the animation of the next encounter of Rome
– To Propose clear responses to different interrogations : why a squat (or a place occupation) ? A local or national Network ? An international one ?
– To Propose a reflection around six principal axes. This organizational weaves could allow us all to structure forums and workshops, productions of festive and artistic events.


These data will be the basis of our organization for the European festival. It should focus around four centers :

– Organization of forums and workshops, creations of texts and tools
– Organization of the scenes and places of artistic production – material and administrative Management
– Communication before, during and after this first “interactionniste” festival.


These centers we seem pertinent but each is free to work on the subjects that seems to him the most pertinent one also we encourage yourself to combine yourself all fastest possible to constitute teams of work. (cf. forum axes)