Concert & Candles – Sergio and Freepon Tribe

de 18:30 à 00:30
@ L'Asile - 5 passage de l'Asile 75011 Paris



Hi Guys!!


Welcome to the Sergio’s « CONCERT & CANDLES Night »!


The concept is simple.


Everyone will be part of our TRIBE. (At the entrance a team of MakeUp Artists will take care of creating for FREE very fancy and tribal MakeUps on your faces).


Great artists will perform LIVE just for us all night long!


During the night we will have ONLY CANDLES to give us the natural and warm light. This will create a very intimate ambience during the several performances that will take place.


18:30 We open the event with free open mike/jam session
19:30 Anthony and Noemie (Pop/Folk)
20:15 Freepon Tribe (Special Tribe Musical/Show)
21:30 Tom Leeb (Country/Folk)
22:15 Special Guest
23:00 Night Candles Jam Session (Acoustic)


▬▬▬ RULES ▬▬▬▬


During the performances do not speak loud, respect the work of the artist. The event is FREE and anyone can enter. Always respect everyone. I will be always there if you need any help or you wanna report anything.




The event is FREE and the artist doesn’t get any money to perform.

We will never ask you to pay but it is a nice thing if each one of you could donate at least 1 euro to every artist.




Also the venue is a NON-PROFIT place and all the money they collect is used just to allow us and other groups to organize this great shows for you so do not hesitate to get drinks or food in free offer.




The show will be filmed and also broadcasted live on Facebook so if you come you accept to be in the videos and photos taken by the photographs.